Craft beer made for cyclists

Craft beer made for cyclists

aluminium <strong>is back</strong>

aluminium is back

  • Available in The Netherlands
  • Special offer
  • 9 pack
  • €17,40
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DUTCH TOUCH <strong>AROUND THE globe</strong>


  • Hilversum, Johannesburg,
  • Kent, Melbourne
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<strong>Madness in Lake District</strong> Hardknott

Madness in Lake District Hardknott

  • Eskdale, CUMBRIA, UK
  • 23 KM
  • 298 M+
  • 25% MAX
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<strong>The pilgrimage</strong> down under

The pilgrimage down under

  • Adelaide, South-Australia, AUS
  • Annual event
  • Temp +40° C.
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Ultimate African ride <strong>sani pass</strong>

Ultimate African ride sani pass

  • Himeville, KwaZulu-Natal, SA
  • 20,5 KM
  • 1.500 M+
  • 21 % MAX
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<strong>Discover the unique </strong>taste of  à BLOC

Discover the unique taste of à BLOC

  • at your local pub
  • unfiltered and full flavoured
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7 peaks of oz <strong>australian alps</strong>

7 peaks of oz australian alps

  • bright, victoria, aus
  • 172 KM
  • 7184 M+
  • 20,6% MAX
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Racing in a <strong>hurricane of sound</strong>

Racing in a hurricane of sound

  • Adelaide, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Christchurch
  • Annual event
  • Temp: +40 C
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We love stories from the peloton, they enrich our lives. Especially the ones of suffering and achievement. Stories are told when drinking à BLOC. We appreciate that a good story grows stronger over time. It’s one of the reasons we ride. Want to share your story?

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