The ultimate sports beer

The ultimate sports beer

  • Jumbo Supermarkets
  • Low alc: 1.2%
  • Low cal: 13 kcal/ 100ml
  • High taste

NEW: high taste, low alcohol/ low calories

We’ve made the ultimate sports beer for people who want to stay lean and fit. People who want to be active every day.

À BLOC Ultralight IPA is a real ‘India Pale Ale’, and a true craft beer. It’s tasty and full in flavour. But with only 1.2% it is low in alcohol and with only 13 kCal per 100 ml it is also ultra low in calories (about ¼ of a regular beer and about ½ of a regular alcohol free beer).

À BLOC Ultralight IPA is available in The Netherlands on-line and at Jumbo Supermarkets (click on the adress for details about location) and selected bottle shops:

You can also order directly via the webshop of Van Bieren.


À BLOC Ultralight IPA is a delicious craft beer. Some tasting notes for the true craft beer supporter:

  • Type: hoppy pale ale – low ABV low Calories
  • Original gravity SG 5,0°P
  • Alcohol percentage 1,2 Vol.-%
  • Hop bitterness 16 EBU
  • Colour: gold
  • Scent: fresh citrus
  • Taste: satisfying tangy hops
  • Food pairing: hamburgers, pizza, and spicy Asian (Indian/Thai/Vietnamese)

And like all our beers we added Alpine Minerals for better hydration!


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We love stories from the peloton, they enrich our lives. Especially the ones of suffering and achievement. Stories are told when drinking à BLOC. We appreciate that a good story grows stronger over time. It’s one of the reasons we ride. Want to share your story?

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